We Are Moving On

Hello lovelies!  For the past few years I have been creating content for Artistically Me and though I have loved it, I’m no longer passionate about the topics I write.
My true passions lie with helping others who battle eating disorders.  As an anorexia survivor myself, I have lived through many trials and problems due to my disorder and I have finally learned a few things.
I love helping others.  I love volunteering and helping those in need and people who are suffering.  And girls who suffer form eating disorders have truly touched my heart recently and after many months of deep soul searching and talking with God, I have decided to change the content of my blog to better suit my mission.
Artistically Me is transforming into Our Sun is Rising.  OSIR will offer real life advice for those who suffer from eating disorders.  I found healing and peace with myself and my eating disorder through exercise and healthy eating and I want to share that mindset with others.
I will be writing articles on fitness, bodybuilding, healthy eating, body image, inspirational and motivational topics, and as always, travel and photography.  All of my social media accounts are the same but the usernames have changed (they will all be oursunisrising).  The only account that will no longer be used is my Youtube account since I cannot transfer the data in-between gmail accounts.  However, I will be updating much more frequently since I have a more specific niche and topic ideas.
I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life and my blog!  I hope you will continue to engage with my and my project on social media and continue to visit Our Sun is Rising.
Thank you all so much for your support for the past 6 years and I hope to continue to bring amazing content to you!
PS: For the next few days or so, the website may look a bit wonky but I am actively working on it.  Some posts will be removed and reorganized.
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