Vlogmas is here!

Hello lovelies!  I know I haven’t been very active the past month but I’m back on track!  I decided to participate in Vlogmas this year so I will be posting a daily vlog every single freaking day until Christmas!!  And let’s just say I’m super pumped.

Hopefully I’ll be doing some interesting things because I’m currently in cram week because next week is finals week.  I’m cringing as I type this.  But never fear!  I will be going on a road trip and getting a new tattoo towards the end of the month!  The Christmas lover inside of me wants to go ice skating and make Christmas cookies so I’ll try and cram that in sometime this month.

I’m also probably going to be doing a few Q&A type videos or like some chatty videos so let me know if there’s anything you want to hear!

I’m linking the first video below but I probably (actually most definitely) will not be posting the videos on here, so you’ll have to head over to my YouTube channel to stay updated!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic Wednesday!

PS: Follow me on Instagram to keep up with Loki (I know you saw his picture and was like “damn, I need that dog in my life.”)


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