Road Trip Day 5-Old Faithful

Hello! I hope everyone, had a fantastic weekend! I got home from my trip yesterday so I’m uploading the posts that I couldn’t put up when they were live. Oh well!
We traveled around Yellowstone and had tons of fun seeing all the different natural wonders the park has to offer.


Black and white mountains


We saw lots of lakes and geysers, something I hadn’t really seen before. I also saw this cool, rainbow pool but I’m not quite sure what it was. I think it was some sort of hot spring because there was steam coming off of it but I’m not sure.


Watercolor lake


Creek through the woods


I was so excited to see Old Faithful erupt but we missed it by two minutes!! We found out when the next time was and came back. I seriously think everyone needs to see it in person before they die. It’s a bucket list kind of thing. At first I thought it was really strange because it hadn’t fully erupted, but when it did I was in complete awe. Seriously, go see it. It’s amazing!


Old Faithful


Today I felt pretty sick and stayed back at camp when the rest of my family went to another lake to go swimming. My puppy and I took a nap and filmed a short video before everyone got back. I guess her sitting on my head while I’m asleep is great bonding!

I hope you’re enjoying keeping up with my road trip adventures!
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