road trip: day 2!

It’s 6:30 and we’ve made it to dinner!  I feel like that’s an accomplishment in and of itself as yesterday was maybe a little too exciting.
This morning started a little too early at 7:20 but we quickly made and consumed delicious pancakes with blueberries and real maple syrup (I got a little too excited about breakfast and I completely forgot about pictures!)!
I know I posted yesterday’s pictures this morning, but I figured I might get back on track while I still can!  

Today was a hearty trip full of farmer’s markets, failed attempts at getting into vineyards, and the Ute museum. It did start to rain at the museum so we had to cut our adventure short.  Hopefully, the weather tomorrow will be a lot nicer!

road trip: day 1!

The first day on the road was successful! What started off as a four hour drive turned into a six hour excursion.
We had the average lunch break and then a few people (cough cough) forgot their swimsuits so we had a little Target outing and I picked up a super adorable crochet bottom that I’m psyched to wear to the hot springs tomorrow!
On the trip up here I entertained myself with pushing my whole body out of the car with my feet hanging onto the door as I snapped close to 300 shots.
Well, here’s the fruit of my labor! (Don’t put yourself out a moving vehicle at 50 miles an hour. It’s really hard to see and do anything.)












Enjoy! Round 2 is coming up either tonight or tomorrow! Depends on what the internet connection is looking like! ?(I’m currently connected to my mom’s wifi on her phone!)

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