10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

10 things about me B-P


Hello lovelies! I’m currently hopped up on pain killers so when you read this, say a little prayer for me that my pain be small and my icepacks cold (I think I’m really clever sometimes).


I’m really busy this week but I decided “let’s make things interesting”. So, here’s ten things you probably don’t know about your favorite blogger (who else admits to being drugged??).


1) When I was little I, wanted my very own shopping cart.
What?? I used to see homeless people carting around their belongings in shopping carts and I would ask my mom if I could have one. They had one so obviously you can get them from somewhere. My bubble was quickly burst on this one.


2) I haven’t used a, hairbrush, in well over a year.
This is sort of a lie sort of not. I use a hairbrush if I’m combing through my extensions but I haven’t used a hairbrush on my natural hair in a good year. Combs are the only thing that touch this mane. It’s just too curly to try and wrestle with a hairbrush. Also, who wants to deal with this frizz?


3) I’m still, afraid of the ocean.
I love the ocean and I love swimming but I can’t look down. If I’m in the middle of a lake and I can’t touch the bottom, I’m fine. But if I look down, I’ll instantly start drowning. It’s a mental thing but I hate not being able to see what’s below me.


4) Somedays I wish I wasn’t a blogger.
The internet is mean. Like really mean. But it’s also super friendly and welcoming. But somedays I’m just so tired of having to explain to people that yes, blogging is a job and no I’m not going to come work for you because I want a ‘real job’. It’s frustrating having people look down on me because of this and somedays I would kill to just not love doing this. But it’s my passion and I’m not quitting now.


5) I watch the same movies over and over.
I love seeing new movies with new characters and new plot lines but I also hate it. I’ve becoming emotionally attached to some of the same movies and if given the option to watch a new movie or Stuck in Love, you can bet your sweet tushy that I’m going to pick the latter.


6) I used to race, dirt bikes. And I was pretty freaking good.
I raced when I was thirteen and I came in second in my class in the entire state of Colorado. I was convinced that was going to be my life from then on out. But nope. Injuries put me out and here I am blogging for a living.


7) I used to work at a ski shop and I’ve never been skiing.
Don’t ask how I got the job because I don’t really know. I can fit skies and even do basic tuneups but I cannot for the life of me ski. I’ve never been skiing Or snowboarding for that matter.


8) I brake for animals.
Even birds. And butterflies. If it moves, I’m braking for it and there’s no talking me out of it. I’ll be honest, I’ve risked my life saving animals. But it’s a life that’s chosen me.


9) I’m an, entrepreneur.
It terrifies me to work for other people and not have that control over my life. I also can’t work one job over and over because I get bored which shoots me right back into depression. So I’ve found that because I’m creative and come up with different business ideas everyday, I might as well just work for myself.


10) I always will want to be in fashion.
When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer but for some reason, I stopped pursuing this passion/dream. There’s most likely always going to be a part of me that wants to go into fashion design but who knows if that will become a reality.


There are my 10 facts! I hope you learned something new about me and if you didn’t, I feel thoroughly stalked! Have a fantastic rest of your weekend and don’t forget to let me know something about you!


Road Trip Day 6-Dog Parks

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! This is the last day in my series of road trip posts! I decided not to post the day we came home because I was sick and didn’t film anything.


Sunday, I woke up feeling worse than I had the day before, but we had to hurry and leave camp before ten. Driving wasn’t very good because I get car sick and I had a fever -super fun.


Crystal lake


I did see some amazing views on our way out of Yellowstone. Because it was still early in the day, the lighting was perfect and it wasn’t too hot. I got some great shots just leaning out of the window!


Styled mountains and lake


Opal also decided to chew up my camera’s battery charger right when both of my batteries were dead. Yay! I’m pretty sure we spent a good hour hunting down a new cord and I found one for free!!


We got to camp and realized that it was 95 degrees out!! The camper felt like a sauna and my poor husky babies looked like they were ready to melt. Actually, we all did. So I laid on the bed and hoped I would’t pass out but eventually we all cooled off.


Vintage look on trees


The campsite has a small dog park that our puppies love! They’ve now been twice and each time Loki meets new friends. He’s actually being friendly which is great because he’s normally very protective of us.

Today wasn’t too interesting but I managed to get some great shots and shoot a little video!



Road Trip Day 5-Old Faithful

Hello! I hope everyone, had a fantastic weekend! I got home from my trip yesterday so I’m uploading the posts that I couldn’t put up when they were live. Oh well!
We traveled around Yellowstone and had tons of fun seeing all the different natural wonders the park has to offer.


Black and white mountains


We saw lots of lakes and geysers, something I hadn’t really seen before. I also saw this cool, rainbow pool but I’m not quite sure what it was. I think it was some sort of hot spring because there was steam coming off of it but I’m not sure.


Watercolor lake


Creek through the woods


I was so excited to see Old Faithful erupt but we missed it by two minutes!! We found out when the next time was and came back. I seriously think everyone needs to see it in person before they die. It’s a bucket list kind of thing. At first I thought it was really strange because it hadn’t fully erupted, but when it did I was in complete awe. Seriously, go see it. It’s amazing!


Old Faithful


Today I felt pretty sick and stayed back at camp when the rest of my family went to another lake to go swimming. My puppy and I took a nap and filmed a short video before everyone got back. I guess her sitting on my head while I’m asleep is great bonding!

I hope you’re enjoying keeping up with my road trip adventures!

Road trip day 4-Swimming

Hello lovelies! I’m back with day 4 of my vacation. It’s been so hard to find Wifi on this trip so many of my posts are all back to back but oh well.


Bubbling river


Black and white falls


Today was really fun with a lot of swimming. We left our friends’ house early in the morning and headed to Yellowstone. On the way, we stopped and swam in the Buffalo Bill lake. It was so warm out and the cold water felt amazing.




We made it to Yellowstone and discovered that our campsite was almost two hours from the entrance so we headed that way. We stopped on the way to swim in Yellowstone lake which is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never seen a lake so clear and beautiful.


Beach and truck


After that we setup camp, took showers, and settled in for the night. Also, handy tip if you’re traveling to Yellowstone: pack warm pajamas and extra blankets because it is absolutely freezing in the morning.


Thanks for reading and keeping up with our adventures! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to follow along on my daily fun!
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