Vlogmas is here!

Hello lovelies!  I know I haven’t been very active the past month but I’m back on track!  I decided to participate in Vlogmas this year so I will be posting a daily vlog every single freaking day until Christmas!!  And let’s just say I’m super pumped.

Hopefully I’ll be doing some interesting things because I’m currently in cram week because next week is finals week.  I’m cringing as I type this.  But never fear!  I will be going on a road trip and getting a new tattoo towards the end of the month!  The Christmas lover inside of me wants to go ice skating and make Christmas cookies so I’ll try and cram that in sometime this month.

I’m also probably going to be doing a few Q&A type videos or like some chatty videos so let me know if there’s anything you want to hear!

I’m linking the first video below but I probably (actually most definitely) will not be posting the videos on here, so you’ll have to head over to my YouTube channel to stay updated!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic Wednesday!

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Easy DIY Light Box for Only $10!

Hello lovelies!!  Today I’m bringing you my secret to pretty pictures…the light box!  Now this is may not be the most attractive contraption but boy oh boy does it make pictures look nice.  I used to just drape sheets everywhere which led to lines, wrinkles, and a few broken vases and lanterns.  Oops… :)


The light box is also super versatile.  You can just leave it as is and have a beautiful white background, or you can tape up fabrics and papers to give it a different look.  But this nice thing is it’s super lightweight and you can alter it to be however big or small you want.  Like I said, it’s super customizable and versatile.


4 sheets of white poster board (20×30)
X-acto knife or
Duct tape
Scrap board or cardboard


DIY Lightbox


1) Tape one sheet of board to the long end of another piece.  Try and line them up exactly where they meet before taping.  And tape TIGHTLY.  It helps to dangle one off the edge and have someone prop it up.  The tighter it is, the less seams you’ll see.  Seams show up in pictures and thus increase Photoshop time.


DIY Lightbox easy


2) Line up another board to be a side and mark where the base ends.  You will have an extra ten inches or so.  Lay it flat against a board and cut in a smooth line along a ruler (hold the ruler flat as you cut).




3) Measure the last side against the cut side and cut it to match the length.  Now you can go about taping the sides together.


DIY cheap lightbox


4) Now that the sides are together, line up the inner board to sit tightly in-between the little three sided thing we made.  Ours was a little too big so we cut off about 1/4 inch but it can work without that.  Once they’re lined up nice and snug, begin taping just like you did on the sides.


DIY Lightbox nice


TIP: If you notice a bunch of light leaking in through the seams, take a piece of tape and pull it tightly across the two boards being held together.  (The picture does a better job of explaining it).  We did this a lot because a few of the boards were warped but it’s okay.


Bruce in DIY Lightbox


4) Voila!! You have your own light box!  Take pictures of everything.  Meet Bruce, my happy cactus!


If you need some tips on hanging and choosing papers and fabrics, here are a few tips:


Invest in some cheap wash tape because it is a life saver.  If you pull it off (not aggressively.  I repeat not aggressively.), you can reuse papers.  I recommend buying those scrapbook paper book thingys.  I have no idea what they’re officially called.  But most of the time they have two copies of each pattern.  You can usually find them on clearance or sale (buy Christmas papers in January, Halloween in November, etc).
You can tape them to the back and base to create a seamless background.  Line them up as close to the corner where the back and base meet to keep the creases out.


Same idea as paper except use can tape them to the top of the board (or try binder clips, but they may dent the poster board).  I buy just the little scraps from fabric stores or craft supply stores.  Again like the paper, buy seasonal patterns right after that holiday has ended.  For basic patterns and colors, try the clearance racks.  Besides, you can buy just a yard (or less if they let you) and be a’okay.


And I think that’s all for today, folks!!  If you make your own light box, tag me in the photos!  And let me know if you’ve found the perfect hack to making this box look fantastic!

Vegan Brownie in a Mug Recipe

Hello lovelies!!  Today is National Dessert Day, which is very important for me!  And if you’re like me, having a whole pan of brownies sitting in your house is way too tempting especially when all you want is to eat nice and healthy.  Anyways, I figured a mug brownie is fantastic because you can have a super yummy, gooey brownie but there’s only one.  Uno.  Une.  Good compromise.
Since I’m vegan, I obviously needed to cut out all milk and eggs from any brownie recipe.  Don’t worry, there are no flax eggs or weird egg replacements here!  I used coconut milk for this recipe because it’s so yummy and creamy but you can use any milk alternative.  Coconut sugar can be substituted for regular sugar if you wish but I like the healthier option of coconut.  The brown sugar helps give the brownie a richer, moister texture and taste so don’t sub that out.  Avocado oil can be substituted for any oil but give it a try!
So, here’s how you make a vegan brownie in a mug!
Vegan brownie in a mug ingredients
4 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of coconut sugar
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of avocado oil
2 tablespoons of unsweetened coconut milk
2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of chocolate chips
1) Mix together the dry ingredients in a small bowl
2) Add in the oil, milk, and extract and mix thoroughly.
3) Stir in chocolate chips.
4) Lightly grease the inside of a large mug with oil and pour the batter in.
5) Microwave for 1-1:30 minutes (I did one minute and it was still pretty moist and gooey so start with that)
Vegan brownie in a mug
Tell me in the comments what dessert you’ll be enjoying today in honor of National Dessert Day!

My Photography Story

My photography story P-B

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day! I’m sitting on my couch watching Netflix with ice on my wrist and eating cuties. Cuz I’m a cutie. Sorry, my puns get worse with pain

Today is story time. I’ve always wanted to share why I’m a photographer but I never really had the chance so I figured today was a great time to share.

I’ve been taking photographs since I was itty bitty. I remember getting a Fischer Price camera for Christmas one year and it had a little key you would use to wind up the film and a big blue button for the shutter. Flash was not optional. You had it no matter what. My poor mother probably developed a hundred rolls of film at K-Mart for her five year old.

I remember taking pictures of everything. Literally anything and everything that moved or didn’t move. Mostly intimate objects. That’s what sparked my creativity.

My mom gave me her old Olympus camera when I was about eight and I remember being so excited. It took 5 second videos (I made Vines before Vine even was super hipster) without sound. But you can bet your sweet butt that I took those silent 5 second videos along with thousands of pictures because I could know put them all on my mom’s old Apple laptop and have my very own album just of my horrible flower pictures.


The first supporter of my photography was my mom. She always told me my pictures looked fantastic even if they were blurry and there was no subject just carpet. I still have the picture she printed and I still want to burn it. I literally had my face in a bunch of super tall grasses because “I’m an adventurous photographer, mom.” My sweet mommy decided to get it printed on big photo paper and frame it. What’s even funnier is she still has it hung up. Thanks mommom. (I can’t even FIND this photo anymore haha)


When I was eleven, I met one of my best friends and I decided she was going to be my model. Queue the horrible makeup/costumes and overexposed/oversaturated pictures. I thought I was all that and a bag of chips because I could tell people I couldn’t hang out with them because I had a shoot. For which I was the stylist and the photographer. And my mom let me use her Canon Rebel (the first rebel model ever, I might add) so I really was the best eleven year old out there.



Thankfully, around that time, I started to discover DeviantArt and their vast amount of photography tutorials. I learned what exposure and aperture were, I also learned that you don’t need flash for everything. Depth of field was no longer an unknown subject for me. For about two years, I crammed as much information as I could into my brain. I probably read hundreds of books on different aspects of photography because I wanted to know all of it.

I still took crappy pictures and it took me so long to begin to apply all the concepts and techniques I had read about. Unfortunately, I took quite a bit of time off of art and creating in general thanks to my mental health. But I quickly learned that photography and art helped me deal with that pain so I came back to photography.



I think I was about thirteen when I decided to step it up with my blog and make more interesting posts with my own original pictures. I went from having a blog that was more of a diary to having a blog that helped people and entertained others. Well that meant I had to take my own pictures. My product pictures were on point. With all that heavy editing.


iPhone’s became super popular so I ditched the heavy DSLR and took pictures with my iPhone 4 and edited the life out of every picture I took. God bless editing app creators. You fueled my crazy.


When I was sixteen, I decided I really loved photography and I didn’t just want to be a hobby photographer, I wanted to do it for real. I guess you could say I’m still a hobby photographer but I like to think otherwise. This was when my blog began to take off and my pictures started to look a little more like pictures people want to look at and I started hearing real compliments from people.


I’m still learning and I still forget which way f-stops go. But that’s okay because I don’t honestly know anyone who can sit and tell me they know absolutely everything about photography. Now, I’ve found my style and it’s not as difficult to produce a decent shot though I will admit, most of my posts have a couple hundred pictures for every four you see.

I like to think that photography is kind of my job, or it’s at least part of my job. I’m getting paid (though it’s minimal, it’s something!) to take pictures and post them to my blog. Five year old me with the indestructible plastic camera would never have though that someday I would be working as a photographer and considering making it a central part of my career. I’m most happy behind the lens, taking pictures that represent how I see the world. It’s an amazing experience every time.

Why are you a photographer? What’s your story?


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