Making New Year’s Resolutions


Hello lovelies!  I know I haven’t posted this month but I’ve been so busy with Vlogmas, I’m a little burned out!  But never fear!


I wanted to talk a bit about New Year’s Resolutions.  Everyone makes them, but how many of us actually keep them?


I’m sure in high school we all made SMART goals.  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.  Though I don’t fill out each of these for each and every goal I have but it’s actually really important to look at your resolutions as goals not just things you want to do.


There are lots of different goals you can make.  Things like health related goals, blogging goals, whatever!  But make sure they’re reasonable.  If you want to post on Instagram every single day but in 2015 you averaged 1-2 a week, you might want to set a goal that is so much above your average from this year.  Though it is good to push yourself, don’t set yourself up for failure because a few weeks in, you’ll get burned out and start hating yourself for not making the goals.


Think of your resolutions as goals not resolutions and you’ll find it easier to follow.  You’re more likely to actually meet these goals because it’s easier to eat a whole-foods diet five times a week than it is to just ‘eat healthier’.  Instead of saying you want to get into running, say you want to run a 10k.


So, here’s a few examples of my goals for this year.
Vlogs 1-2 times a week
Create a film (travel, short, etc) and post to Vimeo once a month
1-2 Hauls per month
Post at least 1 time a week on my blog
5-6 Instagram posts per week
Hike the Colorado trail
Workout 5-6 times a week


What are your goals for this year?


PS: Follow me and come say hi!
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