Road trip day 1-Nothing works

Hello lovelies! Today was the start of our vacation and it didn’t end up going too well. We had to stop for a good three hours to change our hitch because it wasn’t fitting properly.
Long story short, we lost a good five hours of driving thanks to stops but we’re finally on the road. And we got the campsite at 12 at night oh well. We’re just adventurous people.
Yellow fields
Thanks to the stressful stops, there’s not a lot of photos from today (also thanks to the fact that we drove through Wyoming and Nebraska only a little boring).
We did stop and see Carhenge which is a super cool little stop that has statues made out of real painted cars. It’s so fantastic! They recreated Stonehenge with cars.
Worn down chair
Enjoy this lovely picture of me and my sisters. We travel in style.
I’m vlogging everyday this week! Hopefully, posting everyday will keep them shorter and less to edit.

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road trip: day 5!

Well I’m caught up on blogging!  We finally went on a little hike, which is something I’ve been dying to do on this trip!  During lunch we had pulled off to Treasure Falls and went on a mile hike after eating.  It was so beautiful!  I wish I had been able to do more exploring and shoot from different angles but we were in a little but of a rush.
Today was a lot of driving so I didn’t do much on the photo front but this is what I got!  
Tomorrow, we’re going to visit the Sand Dunes and hopefully do a little more hiking!  Oh how I love hiking!

road trip: day 4!

This post is technically yesterday’s post but like I mentioned in the other post, electricity has been spotty but now the generator is being super helpful!
Yesterday consisted mostly of driving, but we did make it to the four corners!  To be quite honest, it wasn’t as mind blowing or exciting as people make it out to be.  It’s cool bragging rights, though!
Pictures are pretty scarce from this outing, we didn’t have much going on but there’s still a few I liked!


road trip: day 3!

The network is so spotty where I’m at right now so posting yesterday was not going to happen.  After two nights of being in Ouray, we are headed to the four corners!  But before we leave, I decided I would make an effort to get these pictures up!
I know it’s been a little longer than wanted, but we’re at a campsite with no electricity so charging my computer wasn’t really going to happen last night.  We hooked up the generator so I’m posting two days worth of pictures!
Yesterday morning we went to the hot springs where I was hit on by a boy who looked like he was about 13.  I’ll be honest, it made my day.  
We went back to the camp and ate some yummy lunch consisting of chocolate peanut butter sandwiches (it’s my new favorite food).  Then we headed up to a mine where we were able to walk through the mine and see what it was like to be a miner back in the day.  Unfortunately, it was lit by only a a few lamps on the wall so I couldn’t see through the camera lens to take any good pictures.  I did get a couple good shots at the gift shop!
After that we went to a shopping area with stores all up and down a long street.  Loki came with us but he was ready to run so we looked for a backpack for him (his was back at camp and it wasn’t that great given he could slid out at any moment).  Well, Loki ended up with the most expensive souvenir of the trip and it resulted in him being let into multiple stores and being loved on to no end.

Along the street there was an adorable little chocolate and ice cream parlor where I was left outside with the dog but later presented with a bar of dark chocolate with pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  The store had dubbed it ‘The Hippy’ since it was a vegan, seed, chocolate.

Anyways, here are the pictures of our trip so far!

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