About me



Hello lovelies!  I’m Meghan and I’m the face behind this blog!


Recently, I’ve decided that I want to make the most out of my life.  I’m currently taking a break from college and working towards my personal training certification.


I’ve dealt with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and anorexia throughout my short 18 years on this earth.  But I can honestly say it has made me a stronger person.  I love getting stronger through fitness and nutrition because I’m able to conquer my past and my fears.


I’ve grown up playing sports and competing.  I raced AMA motocross for almost three years (second in the state!) and I played soccer until I graduated high school.  But I was obsessed with burning calories and staying as thin as possible.  When I was 8, I began restricting calories and I didn’t begin to learn healthy habits until I was almost 17 years old.


My goal is to help educate other girls and women who suffer from poor body image and bad habits by sharing my life story.  I want to show others that even if you have an eating disorder or hate your body, you can still exercise and become the person you want without creating more unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.


Since I was five, I’ve been taking pictures.  It started off on a little Fischer Price camera that had film my mom would take to the local K-Mart to be developed.  I moved on to an old Olympus, a slightly less old Olympus, a Panasonic, the first ever Canon Rebel, and finally a Canon t5i.  I’ve always loved photography and capturing not just images but feelings and moments.  I’m self taught and always looking for new inspiration.


Our Sun is Rising is a resource for those suffering from eating disorders, mental disorders, or troubled lives.  Here we can come together and create healthy lives and find our purposes. 


I blog about topics such as fitness and nutrition, photography, and travel.  I may post some fashion and makeup type posts but these are not the main features.


Please note: I am not a registered dietitian/nutritionist.  The views I express are mine based on research and personal experience and should not be taken as medical advice nor replace the advice of a medical professional.  I am working to be a personal trainer but the workouts I post may not work for you and must be performed with proper form and technique to prevent injury.  Please speak with a medical professional before implementing any dietary and nutritional changes.


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